Wheat Field Dreams

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Theme Name: Wheat Field Dreams
Description: Wheat Field Dreams, FreeWebSiteThemes.com
Version: 1.0
Author: FreeWebSiteThemes.com
Author URI: http://FreeWebSiteThemes.com/
Tags: fixed width, three columns, valid XHTML, widgets

This is such a classy 3 column theme. The photo editing done on this image is suburb! This 3 column free wordpress theme has a dark background with a nice design element at the top. The orange colored text in the CSS goes great with the picture of the wheat fields. Overall the free web site theme is very classy and elegant.

Download: Color Wheat Feilds - Black and White Sky
(/Color_Wheat_Feilds_-_Black_and_White_Sky.rar, 223,5 KiB, 127 hits)

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