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Download any of the free themes and you will quickly see that there are 2 – 3 links embedded in the footer of every theme.

These links are the building blocks of massive amounts of SEO being done across dozens of sites.

We don’t stop by simply promoting these themes on our own site; we do theme promotion to 100+ different WordPress theme download sites.

Each theme we produce receives on average between 300 & 500 downloads in about a 1 month period, but they stay online as long as the theme repositories allow them to stay there.
So in a sense your ability to gain links from that theme never go away . . . . In 6 months you can still have people downloading your theme and installing to a new fresh domain. Also people are always changing their themes etc.

Due to the nature of obtaining links with this method, it’s impossible to say you are guaranteed XXX number of inbound links, however all of the links appear as totally organic and non-spam.

Most installs will be on low PR domains, but as time, they tend to increase PR through natural progression.
Thus it’s impossible for Google to penalize you for purchasing links.


So here is our offer:

#1) we design a custom wordpress theme for you. You can pick any “theme” related category you want (non adult).

#2) we place 2 – 3 links to any sites you want (non adult) with any anchor text you want.

The footer will read something like:

This theme was made possible by “Link1” and made free by, “link2” & “ link3”.

Link #1 is bold so it gives you higher SEO value.


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