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The growth of blogging has been astonishing. On January of 2002, wired news claimed that 41,000 blogs had been created with

the free service provided by In August of the same year another source claimed that a « blog was created every 40 seconds ». While this seems astonishing compared to some numbers recently released what was taking place in 2002 would appear as a baby crawling.

Technorati boasted in March of 2004 that over 184 million people have started blogs. And 346 million people were readers of blogs in 2007.


With the obvious takeover of the web 2.0 generation of user generated content and independent publishing we aim to provide a endless source of free graphical layouts for the top blogging platforms. This includes free wordpress themes, free Drupal themes, and free joomla themes.

We believe this service will help the millions of families, friends, fellow students, teenagers, co-workers, religious leaders, and all of the 20ish – 30ish – 40ish +++ bloggers that plan on starting a blog soon.

So enjoy and download until your heart is content the free Drupal themes. Tell your friends about the free joomla themes. Love the free wordpress themes and go spread the word.

Terms And Conditions

1. If you submit a theme for upload, you must be authorized by it’s author, themes uploaded without the permission of there’s creators will be deleted.

2. You must include an accurate screen shot with every theme you upload (minimal dimensions 640×480).

3. Every theme that is submitted must work properly, please provide a demo link for each demo you upload.

4. 10MB if the limit for themes, no . . you cant upload a theme that is 11 MB, don’t ask!

5. By uploading a theme you are authorizing us to add a link to every theme you upload, without changing anything else from the theme source its self.

6. You may not encrypt any part of the themes you upload.

7. We can change these rules at any time, with out telling you.

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